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8 Constitution Medicine

Effective Medicine for Immune System Disease and Psychiatric Disease

"Human Body Constitution is not a distinction of lineage or race, nor a distinction of form or cognition, but a distinction of individuality. The human species can be further characterized into individual types, each with its own intrinsic characteristics. These are called Eight Constitutions: eight individualities as a whole-not only mentally and physically. All people, despite the state of their social and cultural development, race, or gender, are all divided into eight constitutions. This is how it was, how it currently is, and how it will be in the future."

-Dowon Kuon, Founder of 8 Constitution Medicine


We, people, are different. We all have different abilities and preferences, and ‘constitution (body type).’ 

Each constitution has an innate order of weak and strong organs that develop a state of "appropriate physiological imbalance", which is the healthiest state. A regimen and lifestyle that disagrees with a designated constitution may disrupt its appropriate physiological imbalance, changing it to a state of "acquired excess imbalance," which is a state of disease.

Subsequently, there are eight types of order of organs based on weak and strong, eight types of human physiological framework, and eight types of pathologies. Even if the symptoms are the same across constitutions, the cause of each disease is different for each; therefore, the treatment should also vary for each constitution.

사람은 모두 다릅니다.

우리는 모두 다른 능력과 선호도, 그리고 다른 ‘체질’을 가지고 있습니다.

 각 체질은 약한 장기와 강한 장기의 타고난 순서를 가지고 있으며,

이것이 가장 건강한 상태인 “적절한 생리적 불균형"을 유발합니다.

체질에 맞지 않는 생활 습관과 방식은 이러한 적절한 생리적 불균형을 방해하여

“획득된 과잉 불균형”인 질병 상태로 변화시킬 수 있습니다.

 결국, 약한 장기와 강한 장기를 기준으로 하는 8가지의 체질 순서, 인체 생리적 구조의 8가지 유형,

그리고 8가지의 병리학적 형태가 존재합니다. 체질에 상관없이 같아 보이는 증상일지라도,

각 체질별로 그 원인은 다르기 때문에 체질에 따라 치료방법이 달라야 합니다.

Effective Medicine for Immune System Disease and Psychiatric Disease

Eight Constitution Medicine creates 8 constitutional acupuncture formulas using principles of the meridians and theories of relationships among the organs to determine the causes of diseases. And it cures diseases that cannot be cured with regimen alone. Using unique eight constitutional acupuncture, the state of "excess imbalance" is quickly corrected and state of "appropriate physiological imbalance" is restored. This is not a means of controlling symptoms. Eight constitutional acupuncture treats and cures the cause of the disease itself when used in combination with regimen, the therapeutic effect can be optimized. 

8체질의학은 경락의 원리와 장부 간의 관계 이론을 활용하여 질병의 원인을 파악하고

8가지 체질별 침치료법을 개발하였습니다.

이 침치료법은 생활 습관만으로는 치료하기 어려운 질병을 치료합니다.

특유한 8체질침법은 “과잉 불균형”의 상태를 신속하게 교정하고

“적절한 생리적 불균형”의 상태를 회복시킵니다.

이는 증상 자체만을 통제하는 방법이 아니라 전체적인 장부간 상태의 회복을 유도하는 것입니다.

Eight Constitutions

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